Commercial & Residential Exterior Cleaning Specialist
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About Us

The Beginning:

About Us
  • The first step in the process is to develop an estimate or a proposal for the customer.
  • We walk the proposed site with the customer to ensure that we and the customer understand the scope of the project and the specifics of each area to be cleaned.
  • Next we measure each portion of the site and calculate the cost of the project.
  • In the rare event that restoration chemicals are required, the customer is consulted for their permission to proceed and/or to address possible alternatives. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided to commercial accounts upon their request.
  • If we have a concern regarding a particular area, digital pictures are taken and provided to the customer, highlighting the condition of the property.
  • The estimate is presented to the customer in written or email form or both if requested.
  • Upon customer acceptance of the estimate, we agree upon a start date and schedule the work.

The interim:

About Us
  • When cleaning buildings we begin at the highest point and work downward with gravity assisting in our cleaning process.
  • For large flat ground surface areas, we wet the surface with a low-pressure wand of cleaning agent and water; then we change to the special surface scrubber (not a wand with a tip) with just water for a streak-free cleaning. Under normal conditions, each square foot of the area to be cleaned is covered two or three times by the Pressure Washer Technician.
  • Next, the area is sprayed down with medium-pressure wand of water to remove all loose debris and grime. The spray down is accomplished with a 40º fan-shaped nozzle.
  • For smaller areas, such as steps and curbs, we use medium power pressure with an attachment that produces an intense cone of water. When working very close to vegetation, we use our exclusively designed spray tip to protect the vegetation from any damage.
  • Trim work, such as around walkways, is cleaned using a 25º fan-shaped nozzle with low to medium water pressure.

The Finished Project:

  • Upon completion of work, we review the site with the customer for their acceptance.
  • When the customer is satisfied with the job, we provide the bill or invoice as required.

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We Provide Services to the Following Cities & Towns in FL:

If you do not see your city on the list it doesn't mean that we can't be of service to you. Please contact us and if we can't provide service to you, then we will be happy to direct you to a quality cleaner in your area who can.