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Cleaning Services

Any kind of exterior cleaning requirement or interior paint work requires that you should choose experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable professionals. We at Clean Spray Corporation, offer much more than the combination of all these factors. We provide a wide range of services including roof cleaning, wall cleaning, driveway and sidewalk cleaning, and interior painting and much more. We offer all the following services:

Roof Cleaning

Black algae, lichen, moss, and various other deposits can build up on the roof over time. Besides interfering with your home’s looks, they can also cause gradual degradation of the roofing material. Traditional pressure washing can cause damage to shingle and tile roofs. We use soft-wash roof cleaning methods that involve the use of a low-pressure rinsing systems and environment-friendly cleaning products. The goal is not just to clean the roof and restore its looks, but also to prolong its life. Read More About Roof Cleaning »

Screen Enclosure Cleaning

Pool screen enclosures will build up algae, dirt, mold, and various other forms of deposits over time. These deposits can also fall and create a dirty and unhealthy environment. The moist conditions and Florida weather create the perfect settings for more frequent buildup. Our proven and time-tested screen enclosure cleaning services not only create a clean and healthy pool area, we also slow down the process by using advanced cleaning solutions. Read More About Screen Enclosure Cleaning »

Fence Cleaning

A combination of frequent rain or showers, sunshine, and various weather elements can affect your fence’s appearance in a short time. Your DIY power wash isn’t going to be of much help. The use of professional washing tools, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and vast experience gives us the edge in this area. Cleaning services are available for different types of fences including wooden fences, white picket, chain link, and others. We remove and clean all types of deposits including algae, moss, mold, mildew, and lichen to restore the fence to its almost new-like look. Read More About Fence Cleaning »

Walls Cleaning

Though durable and elegant, brick and stone walls can still accumulate dirt and organic materials over time. When left dirty for some time, these surfaces can build difficult-to-remove deposits. Some of these buildups can also interfere with the wall’s structural integrity. We use a combination of methods and environment-friendly products to clean your wall and prevent the build ups for a long time. Our cleaning techniques also focus on removing various types of stains. Read More About Wall Cleaning »

Rust Removal

Various outdoor features, including metal furniture, are vulnerable to rusting. Iron, when it meets other surfaces such as rocks, bricks, and natural stones, can also create rust stains. Our rust cleaning services are available for all outdoor areas in your home including the patio, deck, walls, lawns, and other areas. A combination of pressure washing and eco-friendly cleaning products along with our vast experience, help us deliver the perfect rust removal services. Read More About Rust Removal »


Driveways are often exposed to harsher treatment and greater exposure to more types of materials and elements than almost any other outdoor surface. Besides the buildup of mold, mildew, and algae, they can also develop oil stains, puddle stains, and rust stains. This also makes them some of the most difficult places to clean. Our professional cleaning services ensure that your driveway, made up of any material, can be cleaned and returned to its immaculate condition. If you are worried about that first impression, we can help you get some real peace of mind. Read More About Driveway Cleaning »


High foot traffic, frequent spills, and the constant exposure to the elements can easily turn your sidewalks into hard-to-recognize surfaces. Dirt, grime, algae, and stains are among the more common issues. Besides, mold and mildew can grow and get into the porous surface, causing further damage. These factors can almost render your sidewalk unusable. Pressure washing and the use of the right cleaning products can not only turn your sidewalk looking like new, we also help prevent potential safety risks of slip and fall. Read More About Sidewalks Cleaning »


Concrete, brick, and stone pavers can fast turn into dull, greasy, and dirty-looking outdoor features when exposed to the elements and dirt. If you allow the unsightly-looking pavers to persist, the damage can gradually enter the structure. Things can be even more concerning if there is no regular maintenance. Our cleaning services help remove various types of deposits and add sealing to make the surface look elegant and protect it from the elements. Read More About Paver Cleaning »

Exterior Paint

Our exterior painting services being with thorough preparation to ensure that our work will hold up for a longer time. We understand that your visitors will always see the exterior of your property. Our focus is to go beyond improving our home and office’s curb appeal. The team of experienced painters we have will help transform your property to look like new. Our range of exterior painting services includes exterior home painting, exterior commercial painting, deck refinishing, wood refinishing, and door painting and staining. We use the latest techniques, painting equipment, and paints to help you achieve your desired results. Read More About Exterior Painting »

Commercial & Residential Power Washing

Our commercial and residential power washing services are available in most Florida cities and towns. Power washing services go beyond just keeping your indoors and outdoors clean and shiny. Our services also help enhance your property’s value. We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve longer-lasting results. Our focus is also on protecting hard surfaces and increasing the life of your home or facility. Whether you seek to enhance your home, deck, office, or factory, or clean your roof or fence, we can achieve or exceed your goals. whether it is time, nature, or human activity that has affected your residential or commercial property, we have the tools, cleaning solutions, and methods to deliver the desired results. Read More About Commercial & Residential Power Washing »

Building Cleaning

As a professional building cleaning service, no job is too big or too small for us. We clean both commercial and residential buildings and our services can be customized to your convenience and needs. Our commercial building cleaning services can be planned during off-business hours. We clean hard and soft flooring, walls, fences, glass surfaces, and other features in your building. We also provide professional residential building cleaning services. This includes cleaning services for your home or apartment. The cleaning time can be customized according to your routine and convenience. Building upkeep shouldn't just be limited to the maintenance department. We can keep your property looking like new. Read More About Building Cleaning »

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves, twigs, and various other forms of debris can easily fill up the gutters, especially if neglected over time. The weight of the debris and water can also affect the gutter’s pitch. This increases the risk of backup of standing water into your home or building. Our gutter cleaning services can help prevent expensive damage to the drywall, basement, fascia, foundation, and other structures. Our cleaning services come with guarantees for fixed periods. We are also fully insured and bring professionalism and accountability along with our services. Our gutter cleaning services are available in most major cities and towns in Florida. Read More About Gutter Cleaning »

Pool and Patio Decks

Your pool and patio deck is professionally installed and must always be professionally cleaned. We use calibrated power washing following the best practices to prevent any damage to your surfaces. We can refresh the entire backyard which involves cleaning and washing away all dirt, debris, mold, and mildew using proven pressure washing methods, tools, and cleaning solutions. Our team uses the right pressure depending on the surface type to clean each area. Only pet and children-safe and environment-friendly cleaning products are used to achieve the desired results. We can provide both periodic and one-off pool and patio deck cleaning services to create a clean, hygienic, and safe surface. Read More About Pool and Patio Decks »

Window Cleaning

We provide interior and exterior window cleaning services to improve the looks of your home or business. Using only time-tested techniques, advanced equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we can leave your windows looking shining and sparkling for optimal curb appeal. Our fully insured, licensed, and uniformed window cleaners will leave your windows looking just like new. Thorough cleaning requires both interior and exterior cleaning. Only professional and experienced window cleaners can do so. We also use controlled pressure cleaning to remove stubborn marks and stains. We also provide periodic window cleaning services to maintain the looks of your building. Read More About Window Cleaning »

Awning Cleaning and Sealing

Awning cleaning is an excellent way to keep your expensive awnings looking elegant and fresh for a long time. Whatever the purpose of your awnings, they must be kept clean. We provide pressure washing and sealing services to ensure that your awnings look their best. It requires professional cleaning with optimal pressure setting to achieve the desired results with this form of cleaning. Our experienced cleaning professionals use only clean water and green cleaning products. Our goal is not just to prevent damage from high pressure, but also from strong cleaning solutions. We recommended cleaning your awnings once a month to prevent dirt and grime from getting deposited on the fabric. Read More About Awning Cleaning And Sealing »

The use of the most effective and latest equipment gives us the edge when it comes to completing your projects. Besides, the cost of our services is competitive and reasonable. If you need more information about our services, give us a call at (321) 256-0523 or write to us using our Contact Form. We will be pleased to reach you back soon.

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