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Fence Cleaning

With year-round exposure to Florida sun and rain, the weather takes its toll on fencing. Paint and Stain start to wear off, leaving the wood looking old and battered. But it's not just the appearance of the fence that suffers; if the wood loses its layer of protection, the elements can eventually rot and split the boards. The cleaning process and the wood sealing steps coupled with using the correct products to do the job correctly go hand-in-hand with each other to accomplish a common goal; a beautiful, long-lasting fence. To get this type of result, you must first start with clean wood so the wood stains or sealers can bond to the wood surface as intended. This ensures maximum protection.

Bright sunlight, constant showers or harsh rain, and other weather elements can cause both short-term and long-term damage to your wooden fences. Many homeowners think that they can power wash their own fences. You can certainly do that but using the wrong equipment and pressure can cause even more damage to your fence. This is what often creates more work for us. We at Clean Spray Corporation provide professional fence-cleaning services across most of the cities and towns in Florida.

The Art of Professional Fence Cleaning

Besides wood fences, we also provide cleaning services for chain links, white pickets, and other types of fences. We have trained specialists with years of experience in the latest power washing services. Fence cleaning is a sophisticated task that should only be handled by professionals. Powered water dispensed at hot temperatures helps achieve far better results. Fences are known to become tinted green with algae. Our services ensure that the algae are not just removed, we also use products and techniques that prevent it from returning. Algae, mold, moss, mildew, and lichen are common issues associated with wood and vinyl fences in Florida. These environmental conditions can cause the algae to spread from the roof siding to the fences and then to the deck. It doesn’t take much longer for everything to be covered in green.

Environment-Friendly Fence Cleaning

Our specialized fence cleaning team can kill the algae and prevent it from growing back for many months. The blasting methods using high-pressure power washing and harsh chemicals can cause damage to the fence. Our process involves calibrated power washing using the right temperature and safe cleaning products. Our cleaning formula is developed and tested in-house for killing the algae while keeping the environment safe. Clean Spray Corporation provides expert fence cleaning services for all types of fences including composite and metal fences too. Besides algae and other organic materials, time can also do damage to your fence. Grime and dirt can cause the fence to show its age over time. Regular, professional cleaning is highly recommended to preserve your fence and extend its lifecycle.

Periodic, professional fence cleaning service brings back the beauty of all types of fencing materials. Our washing experts use unique and time-tested methods to restore your fences to their almost new-like condition. At the same time, we prevent any damage to the materials. Whether you need fence cleaning services or any other residential pressure washing service, get in touch with us today. You can call us at (321) 256-0523 or send us a message at our Contact Form.

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