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Pool & Patio Decks

Clean Spray Corporation continues to be recognized as a top Central Florida External Cleaning Services Company. We are professional, customer friendly, and VERY EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

The key element involved in maintaining decking is the cleaning process. Why turn to a dedicated professional for your Pressure Washing needs? It's simple, there's a lot more to proper Pressure Washing than meets the eye! While. Power Washing may look easy to observe, but only a seasoned professional will have the experience to do the most thorough job with minimal water pressure to protect your property. Trust Clean Spray, a professional, insured contractor to do the job right, on time, the first time.

If you have a wood deck that hasn't been cleaned recently, you need to consider having it cleaned and sealed on a regular schedule before the wood becomes damaged. Restoring fencing and decking is a much simpler process if the wood is still in good condition and can save thousands in replacement costs if done on a regular basis.

Pool & Patio Decks
Deck Before Cleaning
Pool & Patio Decks
Deck After Cleaning

With year-round exposure to Florida sun and rain, the weather takes its toll on decks. Paint and Stain start to wear off, leaving the wood looking old and battered. But it's not just the appearance of the deck that suffers; if the wood loses its layer of protection, the elements can eventually rot and split the boards. The cleaning process and the wood sealing steps coupled with using the correct products to do the job correctly go hand-in-hand with each other to accomplish a common goal; a beautiful long-lasting deck. To get this type of result, you must first start cleaning with clean wood so the wood stains or sealers can bond to the wood surface as intended. This ensures maximum protection.

Deck Cleaning in Florida is just one of the services we provide. We also Power Wash deck furniture, siding and a variety of other wood surfaces.


Q. How long have you performed deck cleaning?

A. Over 80% of companies that power wash deck furniture and other deck surfaces fail within their first five years of business due to bad planning, lawsuits or bad service. Clean Spray Corporation has contracts with Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, D.O.T, Local Universities, Large Multi-Family Properties, Strip Malls, Home Owner Associations and Individual Home Owners.

Q. Do you have proper training for deck cleaning?

A. Power washing decks aren’t as simple as most people think. Too much pressure can damage the wood. Our Technicians go through extensive apprenticeship training prior to cleaning decks.

Q. Do you have Insurance?

A. Clean Spray has two million dollars of Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Q. Do you use professional-grade cleaners?

A. Many contractors use homemade recipes or other products from big box stores for power washing decks. The products can cause damage to the deck surface. We use Professional Grade pressure washing Products which are designed to give better results and outperform products from local hardware stores. If you are paying for quality service, you deserve to get the best “CLEAN SPRAY”

Q. What type of deck sealers do you?

A. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars a year to promote their products but they don't tell you that linseed oil, one of the most popular oils in deck sealers is actually food for mildew! They also don't say that surface coating agent which are usually found in hardware stores may actually allow problems to occur to the wood’s natural fibers.

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