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Walls (Effervesces Stone & Brick) Cleaning

Brick and stone are among the most durable and low-maintenance materials for building walls. Dirt and other substances can still build up and offer these surfaces, turning them unsightly and even interfering with their external or structural integrity. Stone and brick are known for their natural beauty and it takes regular effort to ensure that they retain their looks.

Professional Wall Cleaning to Retain the Natural Beauty

Various types of methods and products are used for cleaning brick and stone walls. The type of brick and stone and the cause of problems will always determine what type of cleaning method is used. We at Clean Spray Corporation use the right technique after running a thorough evaluation of your walls.

New advances in materials and masonry have added new textures and colors to brickwork and other forms of solid walls. Many techniques include the addition of metal alloys. All this means that new and better cleaning products and sealing solutions are required to deal with such walls. The use of improper cleaning can leave residue, cause staining, and may even damage the wall. We will always test our cleaning products in a discreet location before using them on the entire surface.

Impact of Elements on Stone & Brick Walls

While the wind covers the wall in dirt, dust, pollen, and other materials, sunlight bakes it in place. Rain and moisture can further strengthen these materials in their place. Professional brick cleaning can preserve both the bricks and stones and the masonry items. Our professional cleaning services ensure that the surfaces appear as beautiful as they were before.

Cleaning & Removing Stains

Outright high-pressure washing is not the perfect solution for wall cleaning. We use the most advanced cleaning equipment that calibrates the pressure to optimal levels to remove the deposits while preventing damage to the bricks and masonry work. Besides, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products to remove stubborn stains.

When scrubbing your walls, we use brushes made with only synthetic bristles. Metal wire brushes can not only damage the walls, metal remnants may get left behind causing rusting and staining. We also provide specialized cleaning services for stains caused by unknown sources or mineral deposits.

Paint Removal

Graffiti and other forms of paint can render your wall unsightly. It is recommended not to use paint thinners or other products in removing paints, as they can leave stains or further deteriorate the marks. We use specialized products for professional and clean paint removal. This also includes hand scraping and other techniques.

If you have brick or stone walls that need to be cleaned, feel free to get in touch with us today. We provide wall-cleaning services in most cities and towns in Florida. Give us a call today at (321) 256-0523 or write to us using our Contact Form.

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