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Awning Cleaning and Sealing Services

Clean Spray Corporation continues to be recognized as a top Central Florida External Cleaning Services Company THAT ALSO PROVIDES AWNING CLEANING AND SEALING. We are professional, customer friendly, and VERY EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

Why Clean Your Awning? Proper Cleaning Of The Awning Is Vital To Preserving Your Investment and a regular cleaning schedule can add years to your awnings. At Clean Spray Corporation we have found it is much more cost-effective to maintain your awning than to replace it. We have a variety of proven products and methods, based on our customer’s needs, and we guarantee satisfaction.

Clean Spray Uses A Four-Part Cleaning Process for cleaning and preservation that virtually treats your awnings with kid gloves. We gently clean your awnings by hand and rinse them with water at low-pressure. The leading fabric manufacturers recommend hand-cleaning only. Pressure Cleaning is never recommended because it causes damage to the fabric and seams. We will never use High Pressure as that will embed soils and stains even deeper into the fabric.

Why Seal Your Awning? Sealing Protects Your Awning from the elements by offering UV protection, mildew resistance and waterproofing, therefore preserving the integrity of your awning.

Cleaning and sealing your awning is a fraction of the cost of replacement

The Clean Spray Awning Cleaning Process

Clean & Rinse

  1. Apply a cleaning chemical to kill mold and mildew, loosen soils and bird waste.
  2. Hand brush to remove streaks, stains, and embedded dirt.
  3. Thoroughly rinse with water at Low Pressure. Clean the inside of the Awning, including the frame, fixtures, and egg crate, if required.

Treat & Protect

  1. Apply a sealant and protect and enhance your awning's appearance and extend its life expectancy. The treatment has been designed especially for Awnings and Tents and has been approved and recommended by leading fabric manufacturers. It contains UV-blocking agents and other formulas to help protect the fabric against damage caused by sun, mildew, and pollution acids. This is a vital step in maintaining your investment. It will significantly increase the life span of the material.

Extension Wand Cleaning
Extension Wand Cleaning

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If you do not see your city on the list it doesn't mean that we can't be of service to you. Please contact us and if we can't provide service to you, then we will be happy to direct you to a quality cleaner in your area who can.